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Tippman TIPX Semi-Automatic Pepper Gun

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TIPX CO2 Powered Pepper Gun with Range of 50 Feet

Stopping Power When You Need It!

  • Inflicts Extreme Pain, Impairs Vision, and Causes Respiratory Distress
  • Hot Pepper Rounds Burst on Impact Emitting a Cloud of Pepper Dust
  • Fires 7 Hot Pepper Rounds in Seconds
  • Feel Safe with Long Distance Accuracy Up to 50 Feet
  • Kit Includes:  20 Hot Pepper Rounds, 2 7 Round Magazines, Maintenance Kit, Hard Storage Case
  • Available in Black 

The all-new Tippmann TIPX now offers the general public the same non lethal tool that security and law enforcement personnel use around the world. Whether for home defense, personal protection, or security, the TIPX delivers the stopping power needed to neutralize your target giving you time to plan your next move or call for backup. Hot pepper rounds burst on impact creating a cloud of dust around your target causing extreme pain and respiratory distress. Whatever was on their mind prior to being hit is a distant memory. The PG-7 uses standard easy-to-find 12 gram CO2 cartridges. The first trigger pull of the PG-7 punctures the cartridge powering up the pepper gun. You’re now ready to fire and take charge of the situation.

**Live Rounds are prohibited in California, Delaware, Minnesota, Washington DC and Wisconsin to customer. In New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Live Rounds and Launchers must be purchased through an authorized dealer

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