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Tactical Pen B7 - The Torch


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Tactical Pen B7 - The Torch

The Torch Tactical Pen - A Must Have Accessory for Everyone On The Go

This is an elegant writing instrument designed for the everyone. It's both attractive and well-made, and it's designed to provide you with some great features:

  1. It's a handy, 12-Lumen flashlight. Touch a button at the top of the pen, and you have the light you need to find a key hole or distract an attacker.
  2. It's a sturdy glass breaker. The carbide tip will help you escape a vehicle or, if needed, break through an office window so you can escape an active shooter situation.
  3. It's got a knife with a tough blade to help you cut protect yourself or cut through the toughest materials.
  4. It's  GREAT pen using Cross ink cartridges

This pen is made of high-quality, textured aluminum that gives you a good, firm grip when you need it. It's designed to help you protect yourself if you get into a tough situation, too.

The Torch uses Cross ink cartridges for elegant, easy writing, and it uses 3 button batteries (LR936, AG9, or 194 batteries) that are also included with your purchase.

Available in four attractive colors: Black; Red; Bronze; Gun Metal Gray

Special note: All batteries are included with this tactical pen.

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