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Streetwise Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Light


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Streetwise Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Light

The Streetwise NightWatcher SWNW520 protects your property by causing a super-bright security light to lock on and follow an intruder. Traditional motion activated lights just turn on when motion is detected; the NightWatcher’s patent pending motion tracking feature will lock on and follow an intruder’s motion across three separate detection zones. Imagine the intruder's surprise when a bright light suddenly turns on and follows his every move across your property. He will realize that your property is guarded by a sophisticated security system and will go in search of an easier target. The next generation NightWatcher is here! Model SWNW520 incorporates the latest in LED lighting technology to create a brighter light. Previous generations used 8 one watt LED’s to produce 850 lumens. This latest version uses one super bright 16 Watt COB LED to generate 1200 lumens! Super Bright LED Light: 16 Watt COB LED (compares to 150 Watt Halogen) produces 1200 lumens and has a life of over 30,000 hours. Rotating Light Head: Moves left and right for a total of 210 degrees of illumination. Intelligent Motion Detectors: Smart Sensors determine where movement is occurring within 3 independent detection zones and directs the light toward the motion.