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JUSTinCASE 17 Million Volt Stun Gun Power Bank


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JUSTinCASE 17 Million Volt Stun Gun Power Bank
JUSTInCASE Stun Gun used as a flashlight
JUSTInCASE Stun Gun used to recharge phone
JUSTInCASE Stun Gun includes mirror and clip for attaching to belt or purse strap

Power. Protection. Light. Just In Case You Need It!

It looks like a regular phone case wallet, but it's so much more:
  • Just in case you're attacked - it's a Stun Gun!
  • Just in case your phone is dead - it's a Power Bank!
  • Just in case you need a light at night - it's a Flashlight!
  • Just in case you need to check yourself or check behind you - it's a Mirror!
  • Lifetime Warranty


The JUSTinCASE 17,000,000* Stun Gun Power Bank provides Power, Protection, and Light - Just in Case, you need it!


But there is a whole lot more that comes with this device:

  1. The stun gun protects you against aggressive animals and gives you a close-in self-defense capability for use against surprise attacks;
  2. The built-in,1800-mAh power bank gives you a backup power supply for your phone and other mobile devices so you can make those emergency calls when you need to - even after your phone dies; and,
  3. Its bright, LED flashlight helps you in dark parking lots or parking garages.

A practical accessory for all occasions, the JUSTinCASE design features an integrated case that conveniently offers two (2) ID/credit card slots; a magnetic clasp; a rotating belt/purse clip; and a mirror to check yourself or see if anyone is following you.

Carry this handy tool everywhere! It's rechargeable, and its internal battery (or at least, the internal battery on MY PERSONAL UNIT lasts for months! 

JUSTinCASE has a lifetime warranty. See our warranty policy for complete details.





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