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Police Force Defender


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Police Force Defender

The intimidating appearance of this patent pending self-defense system is often enough to make an attacker think twice. The Police Force Defender is easy for anyone to use and shoots a blinding blast of military grade pepper spray up to 25 feet. It consists of a heavy-duty six-sided Picatinny rail body with an ergonomic hand grip and pepper spray dispenser system with pull trigger. This revolutionary product is the best choice for military, law enforcement, and civilians who want to use non-lethal force to protect themselves and their property. The debilitating Sabre Red pepper spray incorporates crossfire technology to fire a blast of the military-grade pepper up to 25 feet. The patent pending Defender Rail System allows multiple accessories to be mounted quickly and easily. Contains patent pending DefenderTM Six-Sided Rail Unit, tactical hand grip, F4 TacticalTM Unit, pull trigger, allen wrench, one 3 fl. oz. can inert training spray, and one 2 fl. oz. can Sabre Red pepper spray. The SWPFD is covered under a year warranty. The pepper spray is guaranteed until the date of expiration while the nozzle has a one year warranty.