Open Window for Life™ (2-Pack)

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Easy to carry. Easy to reach.

The latest innovation to help you get out of an emergency situation.

OWL (Open Window for Life™) is a new, patented tool designed to make it easier for you to free yourself in an emergency situation.

With OWL, you don't need a big hammer or spring activated device to break safety glass windows in an emergency.

OWL is new and different. It eliminates the need for a big bulky tool because it relies on the principles of physics, not brute force, to break car windows. OWL is also designed to ensure that the window always breaks outward, and away from you.

With its revolutionary design and technology, OWL does not rely on any moving parts. It works with a flick of your finger, and it is 5 times more powerful than spring-loaded devices. 

The OWL's integrated seat belt cutter is designed so no cap is needed. It's ready to use for the quickest access in a panic situation. OWL comes with its own holder that adheres discreetly to your visor or cell phone case. No need to drill brackets into your car.

Small and lightweight, the OWL is an innovative car safety solution manufactured with the highest quality materials...

...and it's made in the USA!


  • OWL Open Window for Life 2-Pack w/Green Holders