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Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Light w/Camera


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Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Light w/Camera

The Streetwise NightWatcher SWNW720 uses patented robotic lighting technology to protect your property by causing a super-bright security light to lock on and follow an intruder. This model also features a high definition security camera that starts recording whenever motion is detected. Traditional motion activated lights just turn on when motion is detected; the NightWatcher’s Robotic Light will lock on and follow an intruder’s motion while the high definition security camera captures photos or video evidence of the intruder. Imagine the intruders surprise when a bright light suddenly turns on and follows his every move across your property. He will realize that your property is guarded by a sophisticated security system and will go in search of an easier target. The next generation NightWatcher is here! Model SWNW720 incorporates the latest in LED lighting technology to create a brighter light. Previous generations used 8 one watt LED’s to produce 850 lumens. This latest version uses one super bright 16 Watt COB LED to generate 1200 lumens!