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JPX4 LE Defender Yellow Pepper Gun with Laser, 1 x OC and Level 2 Holster


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JPX4 LE Defender Yellow Pepper Gun with Laser, 1 x OC and Level 2 Holster

JPX4 4-Shot Pepper Gun with Laser and Level 2 Holster

  • Law Enforcement issue
  • High potency pepper spray - disables for 45 minutes
  • 4-shot capacity
  • Fast reloads; refills easily available
  • 23-foot range with a muzzle velocity = 590 FPS
  • Primer activated – no aerosols or gas bottles to worry about
  • ATF-certified as a non-firearm; NO license required
  • Compact and easy to carry - measures: 7.60” L x 1.38” W x 5x67” H
  • Hi-tech, police grade OC delivery system - A Serious Solution to the Need for Robust and Reliable Personal Protection.


The JPX 4 Shot pepper gun is designed for less lethal self defense and holds 4 separate pepper spray canisters that you can fire in less then five seconds. The pepper is extremely hot and does not kill the perpetrator. If you are looking for the ideal self defense product to carry in your car, this product fits the need. 

The JPX4 Shot Defender is the only device that can fire 4 separate shots of pepper spray at 590 FPS out to 23 feet.

Most Less-lethal devices are limited in range and reliability, but the JPX4 fires using actual primers making it a very reliable weapon.

Each removable cartridge fires exceptionally potent concentration of liquid composed of 10% Oleoresin Capsacin (OC) with a muzzle velocity of 590 feet per second (FPS) (405 miles per hour). The effective distance is 23 feet.

This device is easy to use and requires very little training. These features, combined with the potency of each super-strong pepper payload, has made the JPX very popular among law enforcement, security professionals, and corrections professionals around the world.

Now available to civilians!

The JPX 4 carries four self-cleaning pepper rounds, making multiple shots available when needed. Reloading is fast and easy.  You can load each round individually so that you always have 4 rounds available.

This product has been certified by the ATF as a non-firearm - no registration required.



  • Limits liability associated with discharging a firearm or shooting an attacker or burglar.
  • Looks and works like a gun, but you can carry in places you can't carry a gun
  • Holds four shots (included) of exceptionally potent liquid will disable attacker at least 45 minutes
  • Superior to tear gas even when used against attackers under the influence of drugs
  • Quickly reloadable individual cartridges (refills available)
  • Lightweight (about 12 oz empty-20oz full)
  • Launches the spray at 590 FPS (405 MPH)  from the nozzle.
  • Waterproof; less affected by wind; not susceptible to heat or cold
  • No batteries to charge
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty registration