Eye In The Sky 360 Degree WiFi Camera

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I Hear You...I See You...I'm Calling the Police

Our Eye in the Sky system is a lightweight, low-cost camera that you can set up anywhere in your home. All you need is a power source (wall socket), and an internet/WiFi system. You control the camera with an App you download from the Play Store or Apple Store (depending on which type of phone you have). You can also use your tablet or iPad.

Key features are:

  1. 360 degree viewing angle allows you to see the entire room in HD video quality on your smart phone
  2. Night vision ensures you will be able to keep an eye on your property both day and night
  3. With two way communication you can greet your children when they arrive home from school, store owners can communicate with employees and customers, and you can even talk to your pets when you can’t be home
  4. The motion activated recording feature will start video recording to the SD card (not included) as soon as someone enters the protected area
  5. With motion activated notification you will receive an alert as soon as someone enters the protected area. You can watch the video to see who it was.
  6. Multiple “motion fields” gives you the option to divide the protected area into different zones and enable motion activated recording only in the zones you select. This feature can be used to prevent pets from triggering the video recording.
  7. The optional alarm can sound on the unit once motion is detected. This feature can be turned on or off using the APP or you set certain times for the alarm feature to be activated.
  8. It is easy to set up, connect and use via the free APP on either Android on Apple Smart phones.

Requires a Class 10 Memory Card - not included. See our memory cards under related items below.

Here is a link to the Eye In The Sky Video/Demo:


 Please note that this unit is not compatible with a 5G network.