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Black Jack 21 Million Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight, Alarm, Holster, and Disable Strap


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Black Jack 21 Million Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight, Alarm, Holster, and Disable Strap
Black Jack 21 Million Volt Stun Gun showing use as a flashlight
Black Jack 21 Million Volt Stun Gun image showing recharging prongs and disable pin location and connection point
Black Jack 21 Million Volt Stun Gun image showing squeeze to stun technology and design

Best of the Breed!

One of the easiest to use, and most reliable non-lethal self-defense products we carry!

  • High power protection against humans and animals
  • Faster reaction during high-stress moments with unique squeeze-to-stun design
  • Integrated LED - Lights up your world and flash-blinds threats out to 10 feet
  • Built-in alarm - makes LOTS OF NOISE to get attention from others - some thing the bad guy does NOT want you to do!
  • Rechargeable, with built-in charging prongs (just plug in to any wall socket)
  • Lifetime Warranty through For My Safer World and FREE SHIPPING

This stun gun is our best seller: online, at shows, and at holiday bazaars and expos. It's one of the few stun gun designs that's based on user input, and it combines ALL of the features customers said they wanted into a rugged, elegant form factor designed for comfort and ease of use.

Squeeze-to-Stun eliminates the need to fumble for a firing button. Just make a fist and you'll call down the lightning.

Stun gun and flashlight work together - you see your attacker, and distract them while you're stunning them.

Built-in 120 dB alarm allows you to get attention when you need it. The Black Jack's alarm is louder than many other personal alarms on the market today.

Disable strap prevents someone from taking the Black Jack away from you and then using it against you; when you're at home, removing the disable strap deactivates the stun gun feature and prevents small children from getting accidentally shocked.

Built in charger eliminates the need to keep track of charging cords. Just plug the unit into a wall socket to recharge it.

Unlike many other stun guns that feel awkward and bulky in your hand, the Black Jack's ergonomic design provides a comfortable, firm grip that feels natural in your hand. This gives you greater confidence in your ability to defend yourself - even under stressful situations. We also include a stylish, durable holster with belt loop for easy carrying.

Finally, the Black Jack has a lifetime warranty. See our warranty policy for complete details.


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