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Tips for Taser Owners

According to independent studies, the paralyzing effects of a Taser wear off almost immediately after the engagement ends (that is, almost immediately after the Taser stops sending electricity into the bad guy).
For owners of the Taser C2, the Bolt, the Pulse, or the Pulse Plus, you will paralyze your attacker for about 30 seconds, and then he or she will recover. From my research, recovery is pretty quick.
For owners of other Taser Products, you've got about 5 seconds of incapacitation.
So what are you going to do after you after your Taser engagement ends?
You can, of course, pull the trigger again. That will start the Taser engagement all over again, but this also means that you you have to stay in the area to pull that trigger.
Axon, International, the Taser manufacturer, tells you to tase your attacker and then leave the area - run to safety.
But here's a thought....
Most Taser engagements will take place at 12 feet or less (this is according to the Axon website).
So....if you Tase the bad guy, you MIGHT want to consider squirting him with Pepper spray! If you do that, you disable your attacker for about 45 minutes.
And you can use that time to get out of the area (the immediate danger zone) AND call the police.
Something to think about....