Non-Lethal Self Defense - Prepared - Not Scared

Learn About Your Options for Non-Lethal Self-Defense

I recently had the opportunity to give a short presentation to a small group of professionals who provide emergency services to victims of domestic violence and abuse.

The purpose of this briefing was to inform them about options they had to protect themselves, their clients, and their loved ones.

The presentation was pretty well-received, and so I decided to work on it a little and post it to our Facebook Page and here.

It's free, folks. My attempt at providing you with some objective, documented information that can help you stay safe uncertain times.

This is a work in progress, and contents will evolve over time. I hope it's useful, and I welcome any comments you may care to make.

Email me at if you have a question or would like me to cover a special topic.



Prepared-Not Scared

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