How Stun Guns Protect You

Stun guns are high voltage, low amperage devices that can deter an attack and/or temporarily disable an attacker using an electric shock.

You have to make physical contact (or actually touch someone) in order to actually shock someone with a stun gun.

These devices are often called "pain-compliance devices" by Law Enforcement Officials. What this means is that a stun gun, with its electro-shock technology, can create a lot of pain in some people.

Stun guns are effective self-defense options for use against people as well as aggressive dogs (or, as we like to say, 2-legged animals AND 4-legged animals).

These devices can protect you in three different ways: Sound, Light, and Shock.

  • The SOUND of the stun gun discharge is often enough to discourage an attack. Most dogs seem to be terrified of the discharge.
  • The high-intensity glare created by the flashlight built into many stunners allows you to temporarily flash-blind an attacker out to about 10 feet. This is an effective means of warding off an attack at a distance, and it actually gives you the ability to "Reach Out and Touch Someone".
  • The stun gun's electro-shock feature can produce a variety of effects. A stunner inflicts pain on initial contact; induces muscle spasms if you maintain contact for 1-2 seconds; and interacts with the attacker's nervous system if you maintain contact for more than 3 seconds.

The effects of shocking an attacker are temporary. Stun guns are non-lethal devices. and recovery usually occurs in a matter of minutes.

Many stun guns also include a "Disable Pin" that maintains the electrical circuit inside the stunner and keeps it working. Wear the disable pin around your wrist. This way, if anyone someone takes the stunner away from you, they will pull the stun gun away from the pin, break the circuit, and disable the stunner. 

This means that an attacker can't take the stunner and use it against you.

Some stun guns also include a built-in, high intensity alarm that alerts everyone to the fact that you need help. 

Remember - unlike TASERS, you must touch someone to shock them with a stun gun. 

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