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About Us


William D. (Bill) Horton

We have a vision...

Of a safer world for everyone, and we want you to share in that vision. 

Whether it's your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your son, or your daughter...

...We want to help you keep them safe in an increasingly dangerous world.

For those of us who are reluctant to buy firearms, For My Safer World offers non-lethal self-defense and security solutions to help you protect yourself and your loved ones against these sorts of random attacks.

Do our products work?

Our customers think they do. Since I started this business in 2012, I have:


  • Delivered dozens of stun guns to pizza delivery drivers who were afraid of being held up while on a run;
  • Sold stun guns, pepper spray, and high intensity flashlights to customers who have been advised, BY THE POLICE, to get some personal protection against aggressive neighbors;
  • Sold over 1000 stun guns to college students who were afraid to walk across their campuses in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona;
  • Sold dozens of flashlight stun guns to convenience store clerks who work the night shift and have to carry out the trash before the day shift comes into to work;
  • Provided stun guns and pepper spray to dozens of women who are afraid of their abusive spouses; and,
  • Been thanked by dozens of people for the stun guns I've sold them to protect against aggressive dogs

There are hundreds of ways you can use sound, light, electricity, handheld objects, and even chemicals to prevent an attack or disrupt an attack in progress.

And there are dozens of ways to successfully use these items without having to be a black belt, too.

How do I know this? Education and practice.

The U.S. Army sent me to school to become a physicist. 

I specialized in the use of advanced, unconventional, and non-lethal techniques to help our soldiers defend themselves against a broad spectrum of threats ranging from individual enemy soldiers to attacking tanks and aircraft. These techniques and technologies included:

  • Low and High Energy Lasers;
  • Light;
  • Smoke;
  • Chaff;
  • Infrared and electronic countermeasures;
  • Laser countermeasures; and
  • Active defense (that is, actually shooting down incoming bullets before they hit their targets).

For the last 15 years, I've also supported efforts to use a Network (similar to what we use at home) to enhance soldier survivability and lethality.

Most of the things I learned in the Army - yesterday AND today - are directly applicable to personal defense.

And so ... Here I am.

If you made it down to this part of the page, then I would like to say thank you for your interest. I hope you will stay a little while (and perhaps buy something too).

I also hope you will sign up for our e-mail list and come back to visit us often.

Stay safe.


William D. (Bill) Horton
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