Wildfire® Pepper Spray

What makes Pepper Spray so effective? It's not the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) measure, and it's not the percent concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) concentration. It's the Major Capsaicinoids (MC), or the chemical components of peppers that make them hot. OC is the extracted oil that contains the Major Capsaciniods.

Measuring by MC is a laboratory conducted and very accurate test for gauging hotness, and so comparing pepper spray by the percentage of MCs present is really the truest measure of a pepper spray's heat.

At 1.4% MC, the Wildfire® brand of pepper spray carried by For My Safer World is the hottest spray on the market. In addition to producing extreme pain in an attacker, our Wildfire® spray, with its 10% OC formula, swells mucous membranes in an attacker and makes breathing difficult for them. The OC formula also swells the veins around the eyes and forces the eyes to close. 

These effects can last up to 45 minutes, and they cause no permanent damage, either.

All of our Wildfire® products also include an Ultraviolet (UV) marking dye that you can use to aid in identification of attackers.