Trigger Stun Guns

THE RECHARGEABLE 18 MILLION VOLT TRIGGER STUN GUN with flashlight and wrist strap disable pin by Safety Technology has a unique trigger design for easy operation. Arm the stun gun by sliding the function switch forward and then just make a fist and SQUEEZE to make your attacker beg for mercy.

Trigger stunners have a rubberized coating to ensure a nice, tight grip. It’s super-bright 100 lumen flashlight will temporarily flash-blind for 10-30 seconds and can also be used as an everyday flashlight. The stopping power on the Safety Technology TRIGGER stun gun is excellent with 4.8 milliamps of electrical current that can bring down many assailants. your attacker.

With the Trigger, there is no need to keep track of a charger since the recharger prongs are built in to each unit. The charge on the nickel-cadmium battery can last for up to 3 months depending on usage. The Trigger stun gun comes with a disabling pin wrist strap that is an added safety feature. With the strap around your wrist, if the stun gun were to be knocked out of your hand or taken away by a thug, it will be rendered useless.

The Safety Technology Trigger with rubberized coating is available in 6 colors Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and Green, as well as a Zebra version that’s made from ABS plastic. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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