Mace® Defensive Sprays

Mace® brand Defensive Sprays ...

...blend OC with a non-flammable carrier material (or vehicle) to create a highly effective irritant that affects an attacker's eyes and mucous membranes.

Mace® products usually combine OC with other non-toxic elements such as tear gas or a vegetable-based Ultra-Violet (UV) dye. The tear gas gives the Mace® user an "Extra Punch", while the UV dye helps  identify the assailant after the attack is over.

We offer Mace® Defensive Spray products for the Purse; for the Pocket; the Mace® Triple Action brand, and Gel (highly effective in a windy environment).

We also offer the unique  Mace® gun product line. Mace® guns are accurate, refillable, long-range self-defense solutions that can reach out to 20 feet.