Non-Lethal Self Defense - Prepared - Not Scared

Pepper Guns

JPX Pepper Guns

  • Looks and works like a pistol, BUT NOT CLASSIFIED AS A FIREARM
  • Most powerful pepper spray delivery system on the market
  • Ultra-reliable (no leaky CO2 cartridges )
  • Engage targets out to 23 feet (farther than a TASER)
  • High-velocity stream of concentrated pepper; no blow-back (into your face)
  • Waterproof; shockproof; not affected by pressure changes, heat, or cold
  • No license, registration or background check required


JPX Pepper Guns are the most powerful handheld pepper delivery systems available to the public. They are the ultimate expression of non-lethal self-defense. 

Used by law enforcement, security guards, and corrections personnel around the world, these pepper systems require very little training and are extremely effective in almost all self-defense situations.

We carry two JPX variants: The 2-shot unit and the 4-shot unit. 

  1. The JPX-2 pepper gun gives you a 2-shot magazine
  2. The JPX-4 pepper gun offers a 4-shot magazine

Both systems use a conventional, double action trigger. Point and shoot. That's all there is to it.

There are no batteries to worry about (unless you choose a JPX unit with an aiming laser); and there are no CO2 cartridges needed. 

The thing sets JPX products apart from other pepper spray systems is their patented propulsion system.

Each JPX cartridge is a self-contained unit that contains a primer and a mix of high-grade Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper. Pulling the trigger on the pepper gun detonates the primer and ejects the pepper mix at a speed of 590 feet per second (405 miles per hour). This is much faster than any other OC delivery system on the market.

The benefits of having such a high muzzle velocity are:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Winds have no effect
  • There is no blow back of the pepper mix into your face
  • Your attacker gets a double whammy: the force of the impact AND the inflammatory pepper.

The effective range of the OC jet is 23 feet. At that distance, the jet is approximately 2-feet in diameter.

You can fire the unit in wet weather without worrying about shocking yourself or having the rain degrade the pepper mix. You don’t need to worry about changes in pressure, temperature, or humidity, either. 

The OC material used in each cartridge is a highly concentrated liquid inflammatory agent that disables threats for at least 45 minutes. This OC solution is superior to tear gas or other pepper sprays because of the proprietary processes used to create the mix. 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has determined that JPX Pepper Guns are not firearms as defined in the Gun Control Act or a "firearm" or "any other weapon" as defined in the National Firearms act.

Additionally, the magazines designed for these devices do not constitute "ammunition" as defined in the Gun Control Act".

As a consequence:

  • You can carry it in your car without incurring the same risk that you would if you carried a firearm
  • You limit the liability associated with using the device against an aggressive animal, attacker, or burglar

Packaging options include individual pepper guns and pre-packaged bundles; guns with and without laser aiming lights; bundles that include extra live and inert pepper magazines, and holsters. 

You can purchase individual magazines or cases of magazines. 

Warning: MINIMUM safe discharge distance is 5 feet.