Defensive Sprays and MACE

We offer a variety of self-defense sprays. Each product is an easy-to-use and highly effective, non-lethal means of personal protection. All of these products are designed to temporarily disable an attacker and give you an opportunity to escape a threatening situation.

Pepper sprays contain oleoresin capsicum (OC) – a naturally occurring substance derived from cayenne peppers. The OC formula creates an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat, and causes an attacker’s eyes to slam shut upon direct contact. 

You can use them indoors as well as outdoors, and you can use them to protect yourself against people, dogs, bears, and other wild animals, too.

Store your Defensive Spray in cool dry area away from heat, flame or strong light. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not store it in an environment where the temperature may exceed 120 degrees F (50 degrees C) such as an enclosed vehicle. The Pepper Spray cartridge may leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store unit in a cold environment under 32 degrees F (0 degrees C). This may cause depressurization and the loss of effective range.

All Defensive Sprays have a shelf-life. Most of our products have the expiration date stamped on the product itself. In most cases, when you reach the expiration date for a defensive spray product, you should properly dispose of the unit in accordance with the environmental regulations in your area.



Mace® brand Defensive Sprays blend Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) with a non-flammable carrier material (or vehicle) to create a highly effective irritant that affects an attacker's eyes and mucous membranes.

OC is the inflammatory agent that gives peppers their "heat".

When packaged and used as a defensive spray, OC causes temporary blindness and interact with breathing passages and other sensitive body parts to disable anyone threatening you. Usually, the disabling effects of a Mace® engagement last for about 45 minutes.

Mace® products usually combine OC with other non-toxic elements such as tear gas or a vegetable-based Ultra-Violet (UV) dye. The tear gas gives the Mace® user an "Extra Punch", while the UV dye helps  identify the assailant after the attack is over.

We offer Mace® Defensive Spray products for the Purse; for the Pocket; the Mace® Triple Action brand, and Gel (highly effective in a windy environment).

We also offer the unique  Mace® gun product line. Mace® guns are accurate, refillable, long-range self-defense solutions that can reach out to 20 feet.