Fur Ball Buzzer - Black

  • $11.95
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The Streetwise Fur Ball Alarm boasts a powerful 100dB alarm loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby. Just pull up on the chain and the powerful alarm will sound. This stylish self-defense product is ideal for students and women on the go - attaches to your keys or purse.

Wear it on your wrist or attach it to a belt loop even! Covered under a year warranty.


  • Scare Off an Attacker and Summon Help: The 100dB alarm is loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby.
  • Easy to Operate: Simply pull on the chain to sound the alarm.
  • Convenient: Attaches to keys, purses, or belt loops, etc.
  • Ready to go: Comes with three LR44 button cell batteries are installed.
  • Warranty: 1 year